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My Story

A Lifelong Connection to Nature

Ever since I was a child,I always had a curiosity for nature and wildlife. However this minor curiosity completely developed into so much more.  Growing up, I lived in Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy, Hyderabad and my friends and I were always exploring new activities and different sports. One day, A friend of mine had Aarthi who had recently shifted to SVPNPA and was very passionate about wildlife photography, told us about birdwatching while we were cycling around the outskirts and named few of the birds we had come across that day. In a matter of days, my friends and I were completely obsessed with this new hobby that we had come across. We later found out that Aarthi’s older brother, Abhishek was a professional wildlife photographer and birdwatcher, he gladly let us tag along his tours and acted like a mentor to all of us in this field.
In 2016, my family shifted to Kolkata, West Bengal but this newfound passion of mine stayed. I watched wildlife documentaries, flipped through scientific magazines and explored birdwatching trials near my home. On my 11th birthday, my parents gifted me a DSLR camera to pursue this passion.
In 2020, when covid-19 struck, I started organizing webinars to fundraise for wildlife habitat conservation and later joined Re-Earth Initiative, a global initiative based on climate justice. As an eight year old, I could not have imagined where my passion would take me. My images have appeared in numerous outlets and earned me recognition as a young birdwatcher and motivated me to play my part in the cause of preserving the natural beauty on this planet. I am incredibly grateful that you have joined me on this journey.
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